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Motorcycle Frame and Engine Numbers | NEMCRC Technical Inspection

Introduction of engine and frame numbers to the Technical Inspection card

motorcycle engine numberFirst of all apologies for not putting an announcement on the web site prior to our East Fortune meeting.

It has been my intention to introduce engine and frame numbers to the Technical Inspection card for some time in an attempt to stamp out the use of rogue frame and engines and I have the interest of both the club and riders at heart when doing this.

The change was met  with considerable support and with only two moans from the same team out of an entry of 130 that’s not bad.

One rider who had purchased his bike from an insurance company had the receipt to prove this and that’s fine. What we do not want is the police stolen bike team to come to a meeting and confiscate bikes where the frame/engine numbers have been tampered with. This has already happened, just last year at Brands hatch when 10 bikes were removed from the meeting, (I believe 7 were returned).

The next step is to, (at random) following technical inspection, (to save delays at the time) go around the paddock and have the rider or mechanics cross reference on the machine the engine and frame numbers that have been entered on the technical inspection card. Anyone who has any comments or ideas regarding the introduction of this can contact me by email.

Many thanks
Dave Mallon