Important Technical Inspection Message

Important Information from the Chief Technical Inspector


Hi everyone.

Well another season is just around the corner and as chief technical inspector can I ask that you address a few points to help my team.

  1. Firstly when you receive your ACU handbook or CD disc read through the technical section together with the sporting code. This will give you all the requirement to get you
    though technical inspection.
  2. Again this year I am asking you all to make sure your race numbers and backgrounds are regulation size. These details are in the ACU handbook Tech/section.
  3. Over the last few years it would appear some riders are still using antifreeze or other coolant additives and it is quite often its when someone has an off that we find this out.
    Only water is to be used as a coolant, a rider that goes down with his motorcycle leaking antifreeze can delay a race meeting due to a cleanup operation.
    This year it is my intention to do random  checks to avoid this happening.
  4. When presenting your motorcycle please come togged up with leathers, boots, gloves, dog tag and helmet together with your signing on card all filled in. So, remember go first to Donna you must to sign on before you come to us.

All these things have been put in place to help you, we are there to help but we are also there to make sure the technical regulations are adhered to.

Anyone who may need any guidance or advise can contact me on:

Tel: 01670 515720 evenings only
or by email: dave_ mallon2004

The technical team are looking  forward to the new motorcycle racing season, meeting new riders and renewing aquanauts from passed years.

Dave Mallon