BLD Group Launches Online Shop

BLD Group have always followed the doctrines of their memorable strap line, “Staffed by Bikers. Managed by Bikers. For Bikers.” And this is even more evident with the launch of a new online shop geared towards motorcyclists. Almost a year ago, BLD expanded its services to online bookings where customers could choose services, dates, times and even methods of payments in a manner that was convenient for them.  It’s from this sturdy platform that BLD have expanded their e-commerce into this new website.

The BLD Shop is in the first of several planned stages where BLD offer bikers what they want and need. Their current range of products covers the general and practical needs of the average biker. It also includes a “Dave Stoppie Recommends” page which has his favourite items for sale.  Future stages of the shop will include integration of some high profile brands which will expand the shop’s reach even further.

“It’s a very exciting time at BLD. As a dynamic and ever-growing organisation focused on our customers, this was a logical next step for us and we couldn’t be more delighted,” – Jason Richards, CEO of BLD Group.