Chairman’s Statement

Hello everyone,

Never did I expect when I penned the message to you all at the end of the year that we would find ourselves in the same boat as last year. It’s very frustrating for myself and the committee wanting to organise and run race meetings for you the riders. There are so many regulations to consider during lockdown preventing this from happening.

Overnight camping was one of the main problems and there would have been very few riders who were in the position to go home after the Saturday races, only to return again for the Sunday but Croft cancelled the meeting anyway.  Our friends at the Melville Club have the same problem, together with toilet regulations. Marshalling

toilets would be a major problem, something I don’t think would be possible to do. They will be waiting to see when and what Ms Sturgeon is going to announce.

We had planned to try out a new riders training weekend at Croft. As things stand, any rider from our area would have to travel to Three Sisters in Lancashire or Darley Moor in Derbyshire to get their qualifications. Our three trainers Mark & Dominic Herbertson, together with Ian Bainbridge are prepared to do the training for the club in the hope we can swell our membership. The classroom part would take place on the Saturday afternoon with the track test done on the Sunday morning. I am assured by Mark and Ian that it can be done and Tracey has given it the ok but of course that is for next year. If anyone knows of any interested parties, spread the word please. If it works out ok time wise, it could become an annual thing.

Next year is a big year in the history of the club. We will be celebrating our 60th year and I want it to be a big year.

Dave Mallon