What is the ACU?

ACUThe Auto-cycle Union (ACU) is the governing body of Motorcycle Sport in Great Britain.  Representing over 6000 Road Race Licence holders. The ACU ensures the effective management of motorcycle sport in this country. They issue permits to organising clubs to allow competitions to take place.  They also issue the necessary competition licences to individual members of affiliated clubs in order that they can compete

The ACU also recruits, trains and co-ordinates the many volunteer stewards and marshals that actually run the meetings.  For advisory purposes the ACU retains a body of technical, medical and legal experts that can be called upon when needed.  As a governing body the ACU organises insurance for all aspects of the sport, competitors, stewards, marshals, organisers and spectators. With over 600 clubs, 35 specialising road racing and 9 Sprint, Drag and Hillclimb clubs, the ACU provides a forum for communication and cooperation as well as representing Motorcycle Sport to outside bodies Nationally and Internationally.