How to Enter a Race

Enter a Race

  1. Obtain the supplementary regulations from the clubs race secretary. These give specific instructions relating to that meeting and in particular the entrance fee.
  2. Fill in the entry form and return them with your fee to the organising race secretary.
  3. Do not forget to enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your entry

  • Get your entries in on time .Two weeks before the race day is the normal closing date for entries.
  • You should receive back confirmation and final instructions for the meeting in plenty of time.

Getting to Your First Road Race

  • You need transport. If you enter a two-day meeting you also need accommodation for you and your “ team “. Vans are the most common forms of transport. If you can afford it or borrow one, also a caravan would be an attractive proposition. There are also some large enclosed trailers on the market which offer a cheaper and just as effective form of transport for machine and equipment they can also double as lodgings. If the wife or girl friend is agreeable.
  • It can be a bit noisy in the paddock after racing but you get to know people officials and other competitors much more quickly which all adds to the race experience.