Choosing Safety Equipment and Clothing

Motorcycle Safety Equipment and Clothing

Motorcycle Racing has an excellent safety record due in part to the high standard of motorcycle safety equipment and clothing. Standards are changing all the time so you need to keep up to date.

Motorcycle Helmet

An approved helmet and visor is compulsory. Approved motorcycle racing helmets are marked with the ACU gold stamp. The helmet must fit well and be properly fastened.  Never buy second hand. Visors should have the latest and highest BSI kitemark stamp. You cannot use a damaged helmet or visor. Scrutineers may confiscate them.

Motorcycle Leathers

You must wear a one-piece leather race suit. Two-piece suits are not allowed in motorcycle races. Race suits are normally made to measure and A. M. leathers at Barnard Castle are an excellent and reputable supplier of motorcycle racing leathers. More advice about race suit availability can be found in the ACU handbook.

Body Amour

Motorcycle body amour is designed to provide some protection by absorbing energy from the impact of hitting the track. Many leather race suits come with it as part of the suit or you can buy it as separate pieces. Using additional body amour is a personal choice. You can race without it.

Motorcycle Gloves

You must wear a pair of good quality leather gloves. They may contain another material that the maker’s claim offers additional protection. Look for a pair of gloves that fit well and offer good feel.  You are riding a race bike and loose flapping gloves that are too thick will not help with your bike control.

Knee Sliders

Using knee sliders is highly recommended. Most race leathers come with touch fasteners (Velcro) on the knees ready to attach the sliders. (Titanium knee sliders are not allowed)

Motorcycle Boots

You must wear good quality leather motorcycle boots or boots made from approved substitute materials. They boots must be at least 200mm high. When in use there must be no exposed skin between the top of the boot and the bottom of the suit leg. There’s a massive range of boots available. Buy a pair that are easy to use while riding.

The CE mark

This denotes that the clothing complies with a European Community Directive on Personal Protective Equipment. However, you can race using clothing that is not CE marked although it must meet the ACU regulations. As safety is important it is recommended that you buy the best safety equipment you can afford.

Identification Disc

You are required to wear an identification disc whilst practising and racing. This carries your Full Name and Date of birth.