NEMCRC Championships

NEMCRC Championship Positions at any given time in the season

NEMCRC 2017 Champions

The NEMCRC would like to congratulate all of their 2017 Championship Winners:

Bob Farrington F400
Adrian Durkin Classic 250
Allan Ellis StockTwins
Andrew Tasker Open Unlimited
Bob Farrington Post Classic Senior
Gary West Pre-Injection Open
Gavin Browne/Murray McKay Open Sidecars
Gillian McGaw SuperTwins
Ian Lawton Pre-Injection 600
Ian Myers Classic Unlimited
Ian Russell Post Classic Junior
Jake Harkness Thunderbikes
Jim Rodger Classic 350
Keith Shepherd CB500
Ken Minns/Mark Henderson F600 Sidecars
Mark Herbertson Classic 500
Mike McLean F400
Richard Ferguson GP125

A full breakdown can be downloaded here:

5 – Final NEMCRC Champ Positions 2017

Bob McIntyre Meeting East Fortune 24/25 June 2017

The NEMCRC will again be taking the results achieved from this meeting by NEMCRC members for points scoring towards the clubs 2017 championships in the following classes 

250 -350 -500 and unlimited .

1st NEMCRC rider to finish in each of the above classes  gets 25 points -2nd rider 20 points etc as per 2017 supplementary regulations 

An added attraction to this meeting which celebrates 60yrs of Bob McIntryes 100 mph lap will be the appearance and  demonstration of his 500cc Gilera 

NEMCRC Championship Results 2016

Please see below the final championship positions for the 2016 season.  Congratulations to you all!!





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NEMCRC 2017 Season

Provisional dates
01/02 April 2017
East Fortune
13/14 May 2017
East Fortune
07/08 Oct 2017
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