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Important notices and reminders of club business and activities to Club Members, Racers and Officials

NEMCRC Awards Presentation Evening

Thank you to everyone who has booked their place for the Awards Presentation (remember we don’t issue tickets). It’s our best turn out in a number of years, so thank you for your on going support. Anyone who still has to make payment can you text me on 07766 074 684 as soon as possible.

NEMCRC Awards Presentation Evening Saturday 8th February 2020 – Payments

Anyone who has made a booking for the Awards Night but has not yet made payment, please contact Donna as soon as possible (text the number below). The club has to pay the hotel later this week and will only be covering for confirmed places.

Find below booking form which must be completed and posted with relevant payment method to secure your place for the evening.
6 – NEMCRC 2020 dinner dance reservations and tickets

If you have any queries please text 07766074684 with your name and query and I’ll try to answer as soon as possible. Thanks Donna


I am receiving a high number of entry forms which haven’t been completed correctly. Can I ask you to take the time to read them and ensure you are providing all of the information required. This delays processing and has a knock on effect on everything else which needs to be completed before the meeting. Thank you, Donna