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Rider Entry Form – Please read carefully

When completing your entry form can you please ensure that you complete the ‘BIKE MAKE/MODEL/CC’ box to enable us to put this in the programme. We are receiving a number of forms with no details and don’t have the time to chase this up. Also if you have Sponsors, again put this information in the box provided.
Thank you


An email has been sent to all Marshal’s who we have details for, which has a letter attached advising the dates of our meetings this season. If you have not received an email can you contact us with your details so that we can send you a copy of the letter. For obvious reasons we don’t want to post the letter on the website for it to be misused in any way.

Text: 07766 074684

Once again thank you for your on going support.


If you require a Basic Riding Assessment for your Licence Application, your nearest venue is Three Sisters.

Brent Moor of the Preston Motorcycle Racing Club is holding an event on Friday 9th March.

You will need to pre book using the Booking Form which is on the Preston Motorcycle Racing Club website.

This is a very popular event so early booking is advised.

NEMCRC Trainers are involved in training new Riders.


The North-East Motorcycle Racing Club has brought in measures to assist first time road race applicants in obtaining their first novice Road Race License. The club has 3 x ACU approved instructors who regularly travel to The Three Sisters Circuit in Lancashire to assist in training first time applicants. This being the nearest circuit to the North East where ACU Basic Rider Assessments can take place.

All first-time applicants are required to join an ACU Affiliated Club and complete a classroom based ACU Competitor Training Course followed by an ACU Basic Rider assessment.

There are separate costs for both of these elements which the applicant must pay.

To assist First Time Applicants, the NEMCRC will waver the cost for the ACU Competitor Training Course (The Class Room Element) to all applicants joining the NEMCRC (affiliated to the ACU).

This element of the ACU Competitor Training Course will take place at the clubs HQS in North Shields by one of our ACU qualified Instructors. This leaves only the Basic Rider Assessment at Three Sisters to be then taken.

For further information if you would like a chat about starting racing  contact the NEMCRC via Instructor, Ian Bainbridge, on 01833 631855 or Mobile 07772929822 or via

Camera’s On Bikes (Croft)

The Club will be following the instructions in the ACU Handbook for placing camera’s on bikes.  If you wish to do so you must put your request in writing to the Clerk of the Course.  This should be posted prior to the meeting, however if you have not done so you can hand it in at signing on.  This only applies to the Croft event.