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Motorcycle Frame and Engine Numbers | NEMCRC Technical Inspection

Introduction of engine and frame numbers to the Technical Inspection card

motorcycle engine numberFirst of all apologies for not putting an announcement on the web site prior to our East Fortune meeting.

It has been my intention to introduce engine and frame numbers to the Technical Inspection card for some time in an attempt to stamp out the use of rogue frame and engines and I have the interest of both the club and riders at heart when doing this.

The change was met  with considerable support and with only two moans from the same team out of an entry of 130 that’s not bad.

One rider who had purchased his bike from an insurance company had the receipt to prove this and that’s fine. What we do not want is the police stolen bike team to come to a meeting and confiscate bikes where the frame/engine numbers have been tampered with. This has already happened, just last year at Brands hatch when 10 bikes were removed from the meeting, (I believe 7 were returned).

The next step is to, (at random) following technical inspection, (to save delays at the time) go around the paddock and have the rider or mechanics cross reference on the machine the engine and frame numbers that have been entered on the technical inspection card. Anyone who has any comments or ideas regarding the introduction of this can contact me by email.

Many thanks
Dave Mallon


BLD Group Launches Online Shop

BLD Group have always followed the doctrines of their memorable strap line, “Staffed by Bikers. Managed by Bikers. For Bikers.” And this is even more evident with the launch of a new online shop geared towards motorcyclists. Almost a year ago, BLD expanded its services to online bookings where customers could choose services, dates, times and even methods of payments in a manner that was convenient for them.  It’s from this sturdy platform that BLD have expanded their e-commerce into this new website.

The BLD Shop is in the first of several planned stages where BLD offer bikers what they want and need. Their current range of products covers the general and practical needs of the average biker. It also includes a “Dave Stoppie Recommends” page which has his favourite items for sale.  Future stages of the shop will include integration of some high profile brands which will expand the shop’s reach even further.

“It’s a very exciting time at BLD. As a dynamic and ever-growing organisation focused on our customers, this was a logical next step for us and we couldn’t be more delighted,” – Jason Richards, CEO of BLD Group.

The Animal Jack Band – I can’t strip my Lambretta down in the kitchen ska blues – YouTube

As we welcome the Scooter Racers to our Race meeting at Croft this weekend I’m sure there are quite a few who can relate to this fun little music video – lets face it most of us can relate to it  as two wheeled machines will go through the front door easier than a car and when you have no garage, needs must. Enjoy!

The Animal Jack Band – I can’t strip my Lambretta down in the kitchen ska blues – YouTube.

North East bike club celebrates 50th anniversary – ChronicleLive

THESE sepia tinted memories are a real blast from the past. They capture magic moments of a motor cycle group revving up to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

via North East bike club celebrates 50th anniversary – Chronicle News – News – ChronicleLive.

For those of you who missed the recent local press coverage you can read the article written by the Chronicle journalist at the link above.

I’d like to thanks Club volunteers for contacting the press and making this happen, all support is welcome as are new volunteers. I’d also like to thank the local press for supporting their local motorsport club – long may it continue.

Important NEMCRC news | NEW contact phone numbers

All members and riders please note the following changes to NEMCRC officials/volunteers contact details.

Race Secretary: Donna Davison landline contact number: Tel: 01670 362267

Marshals Contact:

You can find up to date contact details of all club contacts on the “contact us” page of this website.

Buying Second Hand Motorcycle Advice

Buying Secondhand – A Racers Guide

What to look for on engine and frame numbers

Some of you might have noticed in recent ACU newsletter there is an article to help new riders wanting to purchase a racing motorcycle. The article tells riders what to look for, ie. have either frame or engine numbers tampered with etc.

We hope you find this helpful and would be grateful if you can download and pass on the article to any other riders you know.

Much of the info in this item applies to anyone replacing their motorcycle for road or track use.

The Club can not stress enough how important the issue of stolen motorcycles in motor sport has become and feel we must warn members that more stringent checks will be made in the coming season. The police have been known to attend meetings in the past and have confiscated suspect motorcycles.

Download here:

This Guide provided for all motorcycle racers by the ACU has been compiled with the assistance of the Metropolitan Police: Stolen Vehicle Unit and Motorcycle News. The guide gives very detailed information regarding what to look for in legitimate engine and frame numbers and will help you avoid buying a stolen motorcycle for competition or even road use.