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NEMCRC forms and application downloads

NEMCRC Forms, applications, notices and regulations etc. are available for download here.

You can download NEMCRC forms, info and documents such as :

  • Membership forms
  • Race Entry Forms or “Regs” as we call them
download acrobat reader here

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Just click the links and save to or open on your computer, (PDF files open in Adobe Acrobat Reader, while DOC files open in Microsoft Word or Apple Mac Pages).

 NEMCRC Club Membership Applications 2021


Entering NEMCRC Race Meetings 2021 tba

*click to print – tba

Important Notice/Letter from ACU


Dear ACU Licence Holder

Concussion related injuries has taken on much more prominence recently because of the well-publicised injuries reported in the sport of Rugby.

Why must Concussion be taken seriously?

Ignoring the signs and symptoms of concussion may result in a more serious brain injury, a prolonged period of recovery or in the worst case lead to death. The potential for serious and prolonged injury emphasises the need for medical assessment and follow up medical support until the concussion injury has been fully resolved. A return to competitive motorcycle sport before the complete resolution of the concussion exposes the rider to recurrent concussion and also places himself and others at further risk of an incident and possible injury. There is no such thing as minor concussion or a ‘knock to the head’. Continue reading

Photography from Croft

Photographs from Saturday’s Racing at Croft 2015

20150329-Gallery 1 Croft March 2015 NEMCRC -1070

You can find three galleries of photographs by Allinson’s Photography in the “Events” folder of the “Galleries” website of SmugMug.

As part of Allinson’s ongoing support for the club and the sport: NEMCRC members and their sponsors are welcome to order prints or download any photographs (right click protection has been removed from these specific galleries, use the navigation at the bottom right of any given photo to change it’s size and download) with an unlimited licence for use to support the club, racers, members and sponsors businesses etc.

Print Prices start at £1.54 or download for free

Purchase best quality professional prints direct from Loxely Colour a professional photographic lab using the shopping basket, or download the image you want. Please do share and comment on the photos you like.

The Galleries can be found at this web address

Your website, your news, your stories at NEMCRC

A message from website administrator Bruce Allinson

The season is drawing near and the first race meeting at Croft will soon be upon us.

I hope to continue delivering the NEMCRC hosting and website for another season but it can only be as good as the news posted on it.

This is your website, (your newsletter is lifted directly from the posts on the website) it would be great if we could have more members and sponsors stories on the website and in the news every month.

Why not let us know how pleased you were with last season or the trophy you collected at the presentation dinner? How has the bike preparation been coming along ready for the first race? Have you found some new sponsors we should be helping you advertise on the site, if they are supporting you, they are supporting the sport? What are you hopes for this season?

Send any stories of your racing your bike, your supporter,s or your sponsors direct to me (Bruce) at Allinson’s Photography for publication on the website, don’t forget to include any photographs you have.

Bruce Allinson
Allinson’s Photography

How to Obtain Your ACU Licence | North East Motorcycle Racing Club

At the current time the NEMCRC have no facilities to carry out the ACU Basic  Rider  Assessment Course.

We have arranged for any one making enquiries through the NEMCRC intending to take up road racing to attend the Basic Compulsory Training course ( Classroom element )and the Basic Rider Assessment Course ( Track assessment ) at the Darley Moor Race Circuit In Derby Shire . Booking Forms through the Darley Moor Racing Club and details are attached to this Bulletin

Course dates for 2015 at Darley Moor

Monday  2nd March , Friday  27th March , Friday 29th May , Friday 7th July ,

Friday 21st August  and Monday 26th October 2015


Darley Moor MCRRC Ltd , Anvil House ,Derby Road ,Old Tupton

Chesterfield – S42 6LA Tel 01246 866537.

Or go to to book on line

For further information contact Debbie Walmsley at the National Govering Body for motorcycle sport the Auto Cycle Union (ACU ) training department 01788 566419  E mail  <

ACU Training Course for Road Race Licence Applicants

As part of the ACU’s ongoing policy of rider development and education, and in line with requirements as laid down in the 2015 ACU Handbook, all first time applicants for Road Race Licences must undergo a classroom training course and a basic riding ability test.

The purpose of the classroom course is to ensure that you understand the basic safety and organisational requirements to participate in road racing. Before any new licence can be issued, you must satisfactorily attend the course and pass the multiple-choice test. If you have any worries that you may find the end of course test difficult to complete, please call Darley Moor Race Club on 01246 866537.

In addition to this course all applicants for a Road Race Licence must undergo a Basic Rider Assessment Course to show you have the ability to ride a motorcycle.

To take part in this course you must have the use of a motorcycle, but not necessarily a racing

motorcycle, and a full set of protective clothing. You can ride any motorcycle for the Basic Riding Ability Test it does not have to be a Racing Motorcycle. The motorcycle should not have any race numbers showing during the test.

via How to Obtain Your ACU Licence | North East Motorcycle Racing Club.